Saturday, May 30, 2015

What's been cooking this week

 Wednesday was dinner for one, so I used up the turkey breast Deli meat, and made a Turkey Havarti with dill sandwich on toasted bread

Thursday found me arriving home later than expected. First up: make some Italian bread crumbs, turning to my dried, bread heels
 As a first time for  me experiment, I made some mini meatloaves, as well as a small meatloaf (planned over for Saturday night sandwiches). I figured this would save me electricity as well as time.
 I boiled some red bliss potatoes, cooking extra for Saturday (potatoe-egg salad on the menu)
 I grabbed the baggie of broccoli and cauliflower that I prepped earlier in the week, into the steamer they went
 My supper plate
 4 for dinner Friday and while "leftovers" are listed for the menu, there wasn't enough  to make up plates, and 2 of the 4 turn up their noses at leftovers. No worries: I sauteed a lone chicken-apple sausage  that I diced , some fresh mushrooms, a leek, and later added some chopped chard and spinach. This lined the bottom of the quiche.
 I made a custard a la Frugal Queen, and shredded 4 oz of Havarti with dill that was intended for use a while back, but had been lurking. Still unopened, it was fresh, just needs to be used. A leftover sliced tomatoe from sandwich making was lurking in the fridge, having become a bit soft as a result, no worries, this became a decorative topping.
 The finished quiche. There was none remaining after dinner.
Since the oven was on, I baked off a homemade, strawberry-rhubard pie, later topped with strawberry ice cream, if desired

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