Monday, May 25, 2015

Talking chicken and other meats


We've been eating down both the pantry as well as the freezer stockpiles. Replenishing the freezer with "affordable" meat is increasingly difficult. I planned out my June menus, and noted how little meat protein would remain on hand. Slowly, as deals arrive, I am taking advantage of them. That said, I portion out meat, we go vegetarian at least once a week.

Yesterday, I took advantage of some Memorial Day deals:

 BSCb was on sale @ $1.99/lb for family packs. These are huge, so I split the 2 packages into 5, 2 ct baggies.
 One 4 ct pkg of Perdue chicken patties was on marked down@ $1.88-a cheap lunch for 4 this Summer. 3, 4 ct pkgs of whole grain, Perdue chicken cutlets were on sale at $3/$10. I used $1 off coupon so, I paid 3/$9. I divided these into 2, 6 ct pkgs so a cost of $4.50/meal.  I use these to make a quick chicken Parmesan over spaghetti or on a Portugese roll as a sandwich.
 I am picky about hotdogs, preferring all beef varieties. These Ball Park were on sale for $2.49. I also had $1/1 pkg coupon and $1.10 off of 2 (a 55 cent doubled cpn), making these even cheaper. $2.49 is what I pay at Aldi's.
 Sunday supper's chicken was not to be wasted. As supper is cleared away, the carcass was stripped, with the meat being placed in a gallon baggie (2 were at work). The pan drippings, skin, bones with water added were all placed in this old Crock Pot, which did it's magic overnight.

Strained broth is cooling before I refrigerate it and later decant it for the freezer. While soup will probably not be on the Summer menus (we do sometimes have cool days), it is a welcome change when making rice, to make a casserole base, etc. The bones/skin are now cooling down. I will pick through them one last time, usually amassing at least 1 cup's worth of scraps.

Chicken salad is on the menu this week for school/work lunches.

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Arden said...

Chicken and egg prices are expected to go up because of the avian flu. I'm bummed because it was one meat I am still fairly free with.