Monday, May 25, 2015

Talking cheese

 With ever increasing meat prices, we are turning more and more to alternative sources of protein, from eggs, to beans, and cheese. I do not wish to compromise on quality, however, so I continue to use my resourcefullness. Case in point: yesterday's second BIG SUMMER shopping trip to 2 chain grocery stores, yielded me a canister of Rosemary-garlic Parmesan (reserved for garlic bread), a baggie of assorted cheese ends from the Deli counter (still $2.99/lb), and a pkg of new, Sargento "tastings" label cheese. I selected Asiago. I used a large coupon to buy both the grated, seasoned Parmesan as well as the dinky wedge of Asiago, which is miniscule, compared to the image on the coupon. UPC told me that it costs $17.48/lb normally. It was on "sale" and I had $1 off coupon. I paid $1.89  for 3.25 oz  or $9.30/lb. Simply a "bout de frommage" as the French say! Still, although pricey even after the coupon, since it's blended and stretched, it's fine. A little bit of good cheese goes much further than a ton of non descript cheese, IMO. Ok, my French blood is showing. : )
I also took advantage of a 99 cent loss leader on Kraft singles. Not my preference but perfectly suitable for burgers, which are on today's menu. To the right, is a 1/3 of a LB of Havarti with dill @ $9.99/lb. SOOO expensive, but  buying what is probably 5-6 slices, we get a quality treat on today's lunch sandwiches. Below, are the 3 baggies of now shredded cheese for the freezer, with the baggie of Swiss (far right) being only topped up, as it was already pretty full, in the freezer. The baggie of mixed cheese ends containedL Munster, Swiss, Provolone and Mozzarella. I blended the 2 Italian cheeses with the aforementioned Asiago, making my own 3 cheese blend, Italian cheese. Great on pasta such as baked ziti, in Itallian Omelettes with tomato, in lasagna as well as topping pizza.


Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Your French blood is absolutely correct!!! :-)

Catching up on your posts. For whatever reason they always make me hungry! Hope you are doing well and the healing process continues to progress well ~ Pru

Marcia in rural WNY said...

You are very lucky to be getting the cheese ends at $2.99. My schedule lately is getting me to the store later in the day, and if I can get ANY cheese ends, they are now $4.99 a lb, up $1 from the previous price. I have been watching for sales, and bought a cheaper brand of Feta--my husband didn't mind it, but I think my prior brand was better--and this week IT is on sale for $3.99 for 8 oz, usually $6.99 on sale. I will use up the inferior brand first and hope another sale comes up for the brand I prefer. Grocery shopping requires a lot of math these days--even with the shelf tags which are required in NY state. Recently discovered that Lindt truffles (a treat I enjoy on occasion) are cheaper on sale at the supermarket than in the Lindt outlet store at our local Outlet mall. Works for me, since the Outlet mall is 30 miles away anyhow! OF course, I can't get them whenever I want--only on sale.

CTMOM said...

Marcia-so true! I used to pay $2.79/lb with the price hike happening within the past year. Anytime I can get real cheese for under $4/lb, I am happy. So true, that basic math skills are a consumer's friend

Belinda said...

I bought some of the tasting cheeses with coupons back in February. I still have one , parmesan, I am going to use for spaghetti soon. I bought the Kraft singles on sale this week with a coupon. Mine were $1.50, so not as good a deal as yours. I did find a good deal on shredded mild cheese though. $5.99 for 40 ounce bags so I was happy with that.