Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday supper

Sunday supper in the Crock Pot. Temps are up, and I am busy with my big, end of the year, evaluation report. This is the "missing in the freezer" boneless pork roast that I couldn't find a month or so ago, now unearthed. As we depleted supplies in the freezer, I discovered it. Good to use it up, as we transition to lighter, Summer foods. I simply seasoned it with garlic powder, black pepper, a packet of onion soup mix (gifted to us) and a bay leaf.

 The cooked roast pork
A tub containing the au jus, served over the top, the rest frozen for a future meal

Sides will be buttered egg noodles, salad, homemade apple sauce, sauteed organic braising greens (mostly Kale), leftover mixed vegetables.

My dinner plate

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Lee Ann said...

We had a beef roast today. It cooked while we were at church. Yummy