Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday supper: the last of the pork chops

Another void in the freezer, another item added to the list, from which we are only replacing the must haves or the upcoming week. 
 More ingredients culled off of the pantry shelves, including a can of cr of chicken soup that came here when DS joined the household. I normally don't use it, but I am down to one last can of of cr mushroom, and this needs to be used up.
 After first browning the chops under the broiler, I seasoned them with just black pepper and some Penzey's Bavarian seasoning.
 I layered the chops with some sliced onions
 then made a sauce out of the soup, some milk, a splash of the soup, some milk, a splash of white wine
I poured the whisked sauce over the chops/onions, topped with some remaining onions and decided last minute to add some drained mushrooms. It'll simmer away all day, on low.

Here's the after shot.

Sides will be mashed potatoes (combining some instant with thawed homemade potatoes from the freezer)

(We finally used up all of the instant potatoes that had been gifted to us.)

, canned beets, home canned apple sauce, a large tossed salad w/ choice of dressing.

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