Saturday, May 16, 2015

Planning ahead

This Wednesday found me taking a personal day off from work, so as to attend an orientation presentation at a local, state university which has a program of interest for one of my DS's. We anticipated applying to this program, for admitance in the Fall of 2016. The application process, however, begins one year ahead, so we would be applying come Fall 2015. Fortunately, I was able to get visitor parking, so no parking garage fees were incurred. Since this was a morning session, we returned home, where I promptly made a bag lunch for DS, who wanted to spend the rest of the day at school. Can't complain about a kid who wants to be in school!

After dropping DS son off, I stopped at the transfer station (was due to return today-Saturday, but since I was literally driving right by, I bundled the trip), paying $1.40 for 2 weeks of trash. Back home, my planned overs became my lunch.

Earlier in the week, since I was in the city for PT, and needed a few grocery items, I stopped in at Price Rite, noting that another customer had bags of marked down, chicken quarters. I had recently bought some at 79/lb and had been contemplating buying more for the freezer, especially as I had recently used the last of the bone in chicken  parts (I do have 2 oven stuffer roasters). Thrilled to find these same chicken quarters now down to 38/lb, so I grabbed one more large bag, dividing them up into 2 meal sized bags for us. So I now have 4 meals of bone in chicken for the freezer-nice. I wasn't planning on buying meat but it was too good of a deal to pass up on!


sqbdew said...

if you o not mind me asking.... at 38 cent a pound why did you only buy 1 bag?

CTMOM said...

sqb-there were only a few bags. Since I already had 2 meals worth in the freezer and would be adding a second 2 meals worth, having 4 bags of bone in chicken on hand, plus 2 whole roasters is sufficient. My freezer is slowly filling back up, I would rather not have a glut of one type, if it can be avoided. Variety is nice. We're using up the more "Winter meats" and the space left will be filled with more Summer type meats such as sausages, ground meat, BSCb etc.