Saturday, May 23, 2015

Planning ahead for Summer, a BIG grocery run!


A PT appointment brought me to the city yesterday afternoon, so taking advantage of my proximity to the hospital, I headed over to Dollar Tree and Aldi's-where I now do the bulk of the grocery shopping. I spent some serious $$, restocking supplies, planning ahead for Summer (Summer=no pay, and I have at least one surgery if not 2 for this Summer). I bought the following:  2 take n bake pizzas, an 18 ct TP, 8 boxes tissues, 1 gallon milk, 2 large cans chicken breast, 2 fzn OJ, 2 pkgs of  kielbasa style "hotdog" size sausages and 2 sundried tomato ones, fresh broccoli crowns, 2 tubes fzn ground beef (still $3.99/lb), 4 bags fzn broccoli in cheese sauce, 4 pkgs fzn Prince Edward veggie blend, 2 bottles "splash" juice, 4 each: cannellini, black, kidney, garbanzo beans; 2 cans corn, 2 cans cut green beans, sandwich baggies, 6 12 ct pkgs of generic koolaid, 1 loaf white bread for Sunday's French toast, 2 each hamburger and hotdog rolls, 1 pkg onion rolls, 2 pkgs turkey breast (Deli meat), 1 pkg bologna, 1 tub "Boursin", several pkgs presliced sandwich cheese: Prolovone, Mozzarella, Colby Jack, Swiss, 2 bottled dressings (see separate post), 1 large can coffee (again-see post), 4 cans diced potatoes, 1 pkg imitation crab, 1 large jar apple sauce( Alas! I am down to 2 of my home canned pints of apple sauce, and one pint of tomatoes. TONS of jam and relish remain!) 2 cans black olives, 2 cans "spam", 2 cans corned beef hash, 2 4 lb bags sugar, 4 boxes marked down family size deluxe mac n cheese mixes, butter, stick margarine, low salt soy sauce, 3 lbs apples, 1 cantaloupe, 2 boxes honey nut "cheerios", "raisin bran", 2 bags each: potato chips, "chex mix", tortilla chips; 3 12 pkgs of soda, 1 box honey nut cereal,.

$185.11. Yikes! My pantry looks quite full, the freezer is happy, too-but I know that much of it is vegetables, fruit. It's NOT overflowing with meat, by any means.


Kearnygirl said...

Hi I was just reading your latest trip to the supermarket. You seem to buy a lot of food! I guess with adult children in the house, it goes fast. Everyone always says I buy so much food for two people (children are grown up and have their own families now) but you've got me beat! I've never tried Aldi's. There is one here (NJ) but I've never been to it because it's a little bit of a ride from where I live. I really do want to try it though. Is it all that much cheaper and do you think it's worth the trip (around 6 miles away from my home)?

CTMOM said...

Hi Kearny, this was a BIG trip. My food budget (including all things grocery except for Pet supplies) in $100/person/month. THis includes a modest "take out" food/restaurant as well as our CSA share fees, spread out over 12 months. Pretty low, IMO, and the US government says so, according to their charts, I should be spending something like $1400-$1700/MONTH. : )
This was a stock up trip, esp the canned goods, fzn veg, sausages that I later froze as well. I know that I will have at least one surgery this Summer, possibly a second, so having more convenience items on hand (sausages to grill, pasta, beans, mac n cheese mixes etc) will keep us away from $$$ take out/restaurants.
Aldi's has been a real budget saver for me for years. I used to participate in Angel Food Ministries, once a month food distribution. I had to travel 25 minutes to the pick up site. I would continue an additional 15 minutes further away, to go to Aldis (luckily there is now several locally), and do a once a month stock up. Some sample prices: canned vegetables 49 cents, canned beans 59 cents, koolaid packets 12/99 cents, hotdog/hamburger buns 89, fancier sausages (sundried tomato for ex) $2.79, 18 ct double roll TP $6.99, huge canned chicken breast $1.69, fzn "fancier" veggies $1.49, black olives 99, 4 lbs sugar $1.89apples 3 lbs $2.89, coffee 35 oz $5.19, large bags tortilla chips $1.19, large bags potato chips $1.49, fzn 85% ground beef $3.99. While I didn't get any, they have chicken thighs (maybe drums too) on sale this week @ 99/lb. Whole chickens are always 95/lb. A good size box of cold cereal runs about $1.69 (I tend to get healthier ones: shredded wheat, raisin bran, cheerios) etc. So yes, 6 miles away? I'd go at LEAST once a month for staples. Perishables are also a bargain: eggs, cheeses, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, milk. Go on line and read an ad:

Mary Lou said...

I love Aldi's, it's just not close enough for me to make it worth my while on a regular basis. Once in a while my dd and I will go. I like many of their snack foods (fit and active) and I always liked their cole slaw dressing, but haven't seen that in some time.

I would be there quite a bit if it were only 6 miles away from me.

Lee Ann said...

Considering you are planning meals for this summer I think you did great!! I hope I get to be that disciplined

Belinda said...

I did the same thing yesterday, Carol. I went to the close out store and stocked up for summer, I also went to four other grocery stores and stocked up on their sale items. I have not added it up yet, but I know it was over $100.00.

I am working on a blog post about it now, but it might be a few days before I get it up. It has been busy here with the end of school and subbing every day.

Arden said...

I had gotten away from Aldi. I have been shopping there since the early 90's and my local one is not so great but I found myself going over every pay period so it is back to Aldi for me. I also need to stay the heck out of Costco. That is where is get puppy food but oh boy is it hard to resist all the good stuff there.
The $100 per person is a great guide. I average a little more than that but I include pets.

Kearnygirl said...

Hi, I've read your comment and I want to thank you for all that info, especially about Aldi's. I've decided to try it maybe once a month and see how it goes. Thanks again for all your info i.e. prices on items. I will do what you said - stock up on certain items like canned goods and cereal, etc.

CT Bargain Mom said...

I have to get into the monthly aldi habit. I do like their app, makes it easy to see what's coming up on sale for this week and next. Helps in planning a trip. My kids hate going with me so I go alone. They also dislike price rite - I gave to remind them that $$ saved there makes it earlier for them to get other opportunities like camp and music lessons.