Sunday, May 3, 2015

Planning ahead: cooking Monday's supper tonight

 Monday will find me returning home late, so I decided to get a jump on tomorrow's supper, storing it in the fridge so all that I will need to do is bake it off. I am again making Frugal Queen's sausage hot pot, with some adjustments. I used a marked down pkg of hot Italian sausages from the freezer.
 I tossed in some leftover brown rice
 I used all of this except the Kholrabi
 I used home made ham stock as well as the fat instead if cooking oil to fry the sausages and mire poix
 My substitute ingredients for brown sauce
 I used 1/2 bag fzn veg as I am feeding 6
Spices and garlic


Ms. Sandie said...

This looks quite tasty!

CT Bargain Mom said...

I have been using a whole bag of frozen mixed veg in my shepard and chicken pot pies to round them out a bit more. This way I can keep the meat portions the same & up the nutrition a little while filling the teen bellies. These teen eating machines are tough on the budget.