Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oil bills


August 1-Nov 12 2014 used 114.4 gallons @ $3/gal $343.20/104 days=1.1 gallons/day

Nov 12-Dec 30 used 132.4 gallons @ $2.59/gallon $342.92/49 days = 2.7 gallons/day.
Dec 31-Feb 6 used 138.7 gallons @ $2.35/gallon $325.95/37 days=3.75 gallons/day
Feb 7-Mar 16 used 140 gallons @ $2.69/gallon $376.60/37 days=3.78/gallons/day

Mar 17-May 18th used 122 gallons @ $2.49/gallon $303.78/62 days=1.96/gallons/day

Spent $1697.45 to date with 2 1/2 months left (no heating months) to the end of our tenancy year, estimating 1.1 gallons/day @ $2.49 (current price), we should use approx. 77 gallons/oil or $191.73, bringing this "year's" total to well under $2000. I was spending more than double that at the former rental! Call it 4167.67/month towards oil for heat/hot water-I remain more than happy, all things considered. This calculation helps me to offset the increase in rent. It's the big, budgetary picture that I keep in mind.


Anonymous said...

Hi, coming out of lurking to say what an inspiration you are. I have been reading through your archives for the past couple of weeks, and enjoying all the posts. I wish I was as organized as you! I'm a mom to 6 and know how hard it can be to do stuff frugally and purposefully.
Regards, Liz ��

Sandie Apuzzo said...

Those are very exciting numbers!

young77 said...

What a difference, Carol! My computer was down for about a month and I may have missed it, but will you be renewing your lease so you don't have to move again? Shirley

TrayceeBee said...

I'm not sure if I missed a post or now, but have you heard from your landlord? Are you renewing your lease or moving again? I think you did a great job with your oil bills - especially compared to your last rental.

CTMOM said...

Liz, I like how you phrased that, "doing stuff frugally and purposefully"-that definately describes my efforts.