Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More topping up today


Physical therapy brought me to the city, so afterwards, I headed over to Price Rite, as I needed milk, and to try to replenish some staples. I bought the following: 2 lbs each: spaghetti, ziti, linguini, egg noodles,  med shell macaroni, large box instant potatoes,4 large cans baked beans, 1 box "cocoa puffs" and one large bag (Malt-o-meal brand) honey puffed wheat cereal, 2 doz large eggs, worcestershire sauce, 1/2 galllon 1/2 and 1/2, unsalted saltines, 2 cans crab meat (tuna sized cans for quiche), 2 tubs ice cream for upcoming Mother's day party, 2 cukes, large tub baby salad greens, large jar manzanilla stuffed olives, box Bell's seasoning, 8 individual yogurts, jar of dill weed, 2 cans cr mushroom soup, bannas, strawberries, 2 gallons milk, 2 lbs Basmatti rice, 10 lb bag of chicken leg quarters (sale 59/lb)-just realized that these didn't scan! . $71.45 spent

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