Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day menu

Keeping it simple tonight: grilled beef burgers with or w/o cheese on toasted rolls, grilled beef hotdogs on rolls with choice of assorted condiments; homemade macaroni salad. Assorted fruit, brownies, ice cream for dessert seekers.

Here's the macaroni salad recipe that I have used for years:

Today's version:

 takes advantage of the 24 oz bag of elbow macaroni that I bought at Dollar Tree
 some homemade, chive blossom vinegar I made last year, some homemade/canned picallilli relish, the rest of the red pepper relish (I can only find it at $$$ IGA)-the relishes substitute for the fresh pepper that I do not have
 A bit blurry, but I used up the chive from last time, and grabbed some more from this past Friday's CSA pick up. I use the chive in lieu of the onion called for

Blended together, the macaroni salad is now in the fridge, "marinating" it's flavors and will be ready, come supper time.


sqbdew said...

I admire you and your kids. my family would never eat a burger without cheese

CT Bargain Mom said...

I find cains sweet red pepper relish at big y.

CTMOM said...

Thanks, CTBargain. I actually looked on line at the Big Y ad, as I have multiple silver coins on hand. No bargains, IMO, so I didn't go there. There is one within my circle of errands, so I can stop there. Easier for me to hit IGA or better yet-use up the homemade picallilli I have on hand. : )

CTMOM said...

SQB-I corrected my post. Like condiments, sliced cheese for cheeseburgers is an option. I actually prefer burgers w/o cheese.

Lee Ann said...

I've never heard of red pepper relish. I love red peppers.

CTMOM said...

Lee-here's a link:

I am from MA originally, where Cains is based. Now in CT, it can be harder to find.