Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Laundry question


I've got a weird laundry issue. One DS seems* to be caking his solid stick deodorant (same brand used by 2 other sons and DX so I am familiar with it, have been for years) to the point that it's building up a white, waxy reside on the underside of his shirts, in the arm pit area. 
1-Washed as usual-still there 
2-Sprayed with LA's amazing orange degreaser (my go to stain chemical)-better but some remains 
3-I scrubbed with a stiff, nylon bristle brush and dish washing detergent (another LA's amazing product), rinsed it out well in the sink, they are now hanging (the shirts) out on the line. Time will tell. 

Anyone else have this issue? 


Emily said...

I've had this issue on my black or navy shirts. Nothing I've done seems to resolve the issue so I'm interested to see if others have found a solution.

Kearnygirl said...


I had this problem on a couple of my tops and I just sprayed them with Shout stain remover and it came out. Of course you don't have to use Shout, but whatever stain remover you have on hand. Did you already try that? I actually wet the area first and then rubbed it in.

Blissfulbutterfly said...

I'm not sure if it will work with caked on deodorant stains, but usually if you get deodorant on your shirt you can get rid of it by just rubbing the shirt together where the stain is and it will go away. That is what I always do when I get deodorant on my shirt after getting dressed and it works for me. You can always give it a try and it's free. :)

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Is he over-using the deodorant? I have had it cake slightly in my underarm creases, but soap takes it off. No problems with the clothes themselves.