Sunday, May 17, 2015

June 2015 menus


Here are my menus for June, once again relying heavily upon what is already on hand. Wed and Fri for the most part, remain "leftovers" nights or YOYO. Vegetables are TBD, based upon what we receive in our organic CSA share:

1-salmon cakes (use canned fish), veg
2-CP fzn homemade meatballs in marinara, spaghetti, salad
4-BBQ fzn chicken quarters, coleslaw, pork beans
6-tuna-baby shell pasta salad
7-Cp rotiserie style whole chicken (fzn), salad
8-baked salmon fillets (fzn), brown rice, veg
9-CP meatloaf (use fzn beef, turkey), boiled potatoes, veg
11-vegetable TBD quiche, salad, veg
12-homemade cheese pizza
13-grilled, marinated BSCB (fzn) over salad
14-Cp Swiss steaks (fzn) w/ stewed tomatoes, over egg noodles
15-baked Haddock fillets (fzn), basmatti rice, veg
16-fzn beef filled ravioli with homemade marinara, veg, salad
18-penne pasta with marinara sauce, veg, salad
20-homemade turkey burgers (use fzn grnd meat), salad
21-CP chicken quarters-recipe to be determined, chicken flavored rice a roni, veg
22-birthday-plans TBD
23-horseradish encrusted Tilapia, salad, veg
25-vegetarian stir fry on brown rice
26-tri color pasta salad
27-grilled beef burgers (fzn), salad
28-apple-chicken sausages (fzn) quiche, salad
29-baked Cod fillets (fzn), coleslaw, veg
30-farfalle with marinara and crumbled Italian sausage meat, salad, veg


Lee Ann said...

I'd like the recipe for the horseradish encrusted tilapia. Sounds really good

CTMOM said...

Lee-here's a link: