Saturday, May 16, 2015

Household repair supplies

Morning errands brought me over to Home Depot this morning, where I bought the following:  flowers for my 4 planters, the glass cookstop cleaner above, and clear "duct tape" to repair a tear in the grill cover. I also frequented Dollar Tree, where I bought the trial size of Dawn dishwashing liquid above to work on the waxy, deodorant stains on DS's shirts. I also bought 2 24 oz pkgs each of elbow macaroni and spaghetti for the pantry shelves, a small ergonomically shaped vegetable brush (my former one is long gone), 4 2 ct pkgs of 4.25 oz bars of Tone soap in a new floral scent, 3 boxes of Sun dishwasher powder, another plastic microwave plate cover (hoping to heat up 2 plates at a time).
Home Depot: $44.54
Dollar Tree: $ 14.64

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Thank you for the reminder---I meant to get a vegetable brush this week and even walked down the aisle where they are, without remembering what item it was I needed there!! I have it on my list for next week now. Actually, I use the little nail brushes for this purpose, as they are cheap and easily replaced. I keep two on the sink--one for vegetables and the other for garden-stained fingernails. Your CSA seems quite good--lots of variety. I have a farm nearby that does CSA but if I go over there to pick it up, I might as well just pick out what I want to buy--it's only about a mile away. I have different places where I like to get different items--lots of farms in my area. I have my "strawberry lady" and my "corn" stand and so on.