Saturday, May 16, 2015

Household items on a budget

 Finally came across some tall, water glasses at Savers
5/$1.99 and they are Libby brand
 4 replacement bath towels, I have noted that several of ours are thin, and I unearthed one with a hole in it. Time to make a donation over to the Vet or animal shelter
 2 towels for my bathroom, 2 for the kid's bathroom.
 Calvin Klein in a buttercream-my go to color
 A striped lavender and white one, that I suspect was used for display, based upon the tan line across it, which washed right off
 2 vintage, Fieldcrest, Royal velvet, yellow towels for the kid's bathroom.
A great find: a mint condition, vintage, enamel, Dutch oven. I did a google search, and this may be a San Ignacio brand. I can't find any markings, however. Size is perfect for my needs, price is great. 

$25.46 out the door, with proceeds going to charity

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Dawn- Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Wow, Great Finds!! I am drooling over that vintage Dutch Oven!! If I ever see one like it I am going to scoop it up so fast! High five to you on your deals! :)