Sunday, May 10, 2015

Frugal beverages

 Almost daily, you will find me mixing/preparing frugal beverages for the family. Although I keep milk, some juices besides OJ (limited to breakfast) on hand, I like to offer some alternatives, and I rarely serve soda, which is a treat. Naturally, there is always cold, well water as well! Several of us are big water drinkers, and I encourage others to follow suit. One alternative that I make is iced tea, which I have cost out to 8 cents/gallon for me to make. I do not add sugar to it, letting individuals make that choice. Sometimes it's herbal tea, but there is a glut of regular tea on hand at the moment, so that is what I have been making.
Another option is Aldi's brand "Koolaid" which is sold in bundled packs of flavors. I have always stored these packets in a rectangular, plastic tub, storing all of the same flavors in stacks together. I noted that we clearly have some preferred flavors, and are now left with a ton of grape, some lemonade and a few punch flavored packets. Although recently tempted to stock up again on packets, I resisted, knowing that we still have some at home. So, grape "koolaid" it is, made, as usual, with less sugar than suggested.

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Carrie A. said...

Carol, a favorite thing to do with koolaide type drinks here was to mix grape/lemonade or cherry/lemonade. Very refreshing in the summer months.