Tuesday, May 5, 2015

First time grocery shopping

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since getting hurt. Neither DD nor DS were available, I was in the city near Aldi's and my list was long. I limited it, however, keeping some items such as bone in chicken on the list for when I encounter a deal. First stop was Aldi's where I got the following:
2 pkgs Kaiser buns, 4 fzn oj, 2 qts 1/2 & 1/2, 2 gallons milk, 3 bags fzn pizza bites (treat), 1 box instant potatoes, 2 lbs fzn Cod fillets, 2 lbs fzn Salmon fillets, 2 lbs fzn Tilapia fillets,4 boxes tissues, 1 18 ct pkg tp, a bath mat (will tally under household goods), 4 each stewed tomatoes and diced tomatoes with basil & olive oil (only have 1 remaining pint of home canned, organic tomatoes left), 1 pkgs Deli sliced turkey and ham, 2 pkgs presliced cheese (Swiss, Provolone), fresh broccoli crowns, 2 grapefruit juice, honey roasted peanuts, raisins, lb fzn Haddock fillets, 4 pints sorbet (lemon, raspberry), 1 seeded Rye, 2 brownie mixes, 4 boxes granola bars, 2 shredded wheat, 6 small tomato sauce, 2 lbs Vidalia onions, 4 lb sugar, graham crackers, wheat thin crackers, snack crackers, 1 Italian salad dressing (to marinate BSCB), 2 grainy mustards, onion powder, dried minced onion, fresh mushrooms, grape tomatoes, slicing tomatoes 2 bags each tortilla chips and potato chips, bananas. Including the tub mat: $154.11.

Next: Dollar tree: first I bought a tote bag as they were out of bags! , 2 Italian dressings, 2 24 oz yellow mustard, 2 8 oz jars of dry roasted peanuts (use to make GORP), 2 bags brown rice, 4 pkgs Goya wafer cookies, 1 50 oz dish washing detergent, 2 bags flour tortillas. $20.13 total

Sadly, monies owed me are slow to make it to my hands. Sigh. I trudge on.


CT Bargain Mom said...

Holy cow! That's a lot, hope you took it easy getting it into the car and had helpers at home to unload.

Since you now have medical bills oop you should sit down and have a really frank talk with your son, just him. Explain that you love him and want to help - but you aren't in a position to be taken advantage of financially. It's been several months - the monies haven't come in as agreed to. They have to realize they get a heck of a deal with you right? You have other minor children that you're responsible for too.

What have you found out about staying another year at this rental?

Theresa F said...

This may be a stupid question but what is GORP?

Arden said...

Honestly, "money owed is making it's way slowly" with our kids has screwed us more than once. It makes me furious. Recently, I paid the tow fee for my almost 21 year old and he just never quite got the money together to pay me back but....got a tattoo. I know!!
Dh and I have had to go to the gift policy with the older kids. If it isn't something we can afford to give, then we just say no. Dh was being pretty generous with them (he said to keep them from moving back, haha) but it's done.

carol pavlik said...

Hi Carol..I just wanted to tell you that you never know when one of your posts connects with someone Today I used the last of my liquid laundry soap. I always rinse it out but I looked and there was a lot gummed around the top. I thought of you. Have I ever rinsed the grooves off? I don't know, but there was a lot there this time. Love your blog I don't comment much but I am with your struggle.

CTMOM said...

CT-yes, a frank conversation is immenent.
Theresa-GORP="good 'ole raisins and peanuts" a trail mix type snack
Arden-yes, time to get tough
Carol P-Hah! glad my recent "dregs" post came to mind and you were able to squeeze out one last load of laundry soap. We are required to have clean recycling, but I have always rinsed away until the water runs clear.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I finally had to get tough with DGD just before Easter. She again delayed answering my question until AFTER I had done the shopping. It's been just about a year since she graduated and I gave her plenty of time to find a job in her area or a related one. I told her every unanswered question would result in consequences of one sort or another. The first time I deposited HALF the amount I usually give her for living expenses (because I knew I would see her in a couple days, and give her cash on Easter.) It did get her attention. I also told her I wanted her to be working full time at SOMETHING by May 1st. She had a full time job about 10 days before that. She is still working the part time job she's been puttering along at for the moment. And guess what? She LOVES her job! It's still retail but it's a second hand designer names boutique. She was hired as assistant manager but has been working two different locations because they just opened one new location. If it turns out not to be as much fun after a while, she is free to look for something else.