Saturday, May 23, 2015

CSA 2015 # 4

 Another awesome week at the organic CSA pickup: bloody Mary mix, a huge bunch of chives with blooms, a huge head of lettuce, carrots, a lb black beans (could select black or kidney), radishes, Kale.
Naturally, I clipped off the purple chive blossoms, placed them in a Mason jar, filled it with vinegar and capped it. It now sits in the sunny, dinette window, where it will "brew" over time, infusing the vinegar with the flavor of chive, turning the vinegar a pretty pink-lavendar color. Fancy salads come Winter!

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

A good idea for me. I have a HUGE patch of chives in my garden---they grow in the cracks of the sidewalk too, and we actually dig them out at times to have them take up less room. I will have to make some chive vinegar and keep it for Christmas gifts!! thanks for the reminder. I also grow parsley, basic and cilantro and have perennial sage and tarragon also. My sage got cut back this spring--it's a huge woody shrub and one year's production would probably supply the average family for maybe a couple years--for the two of us--it's a lot! Besides liking basil, it smells so nice when you brush by it in the garden that I will still grow it if it wasn't edible!