Saturday, May 23, 2015

Changes afoot at the grocery stores!

 A trip to Aldi's last night, and I discovered a new "basics" labeling at the store. I asked the cashier if this is a new, generic line and she affirmed that it is. While they still sell Aldi's ground coffee in the red label tin, this new generic is 50 cents cheaper and they are the same weight. Worth a try. I grabbed the 2 16 oz dressings to try as well-only 89 cents!
Next door at Dollar Tree, I am very pleased to see that once again, they sell EIGHT count cartons of eggs, rather than the 6 count they went to a while back. Perhaps people such as myself, did the math and boycotted buying their eggs there? I am back to paying $1.50/dozen vs $2/dozen for medium eggs-perfectly fine for baking purposes, as well as hardboiled, as 2 of these 4 cartons were.  Besides the 4 cartons of eggs, I bought : 8 pkgs of fzn pot stickers (Pork and veg, made in USA product), 2 100 ct pkgs of muffin liners, 4 cubes of lotion tissues, 2 smaller tins ground black pepper, 4 pkgs fzn assorted color pepper and onion strips (pepper stir fry I think it's labeled. With 2 fresh peppers going for $1.59 at Aldi's, this is a far more economical option for me), 4 8 ct smaller portion chocolate bars, 4 bars dark chocolate from Poland (for Smores), 2 bags huge marshmallows (Smores), 2 jars of dry roasted peanuts (cheaper than Aldi's), a 3 ct pkg of hair combs, 4 8 oz pkgs fzn pork breakfast sausage links (I've blogged about these before. They are a CA product, a bit fattier than I'd like, but still a good item), 2 Goya dulche de leche waffer cookies, 2 pkgs vanilla waffer cookies (a Canadian company). I spent $45.95.

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