Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another Aldi's run


Errands this morning brought me back to Aldi's-my main grocery store. I bought the following: 2 pkgs Kaiser rolls, 2 pkgs hot dog buns, 1 pkg hamburger buns, 2 pkgs bagels, 2 12 ct pkgs fzn 85% beef burgers (cheaper than the rolls of fzn beef), 2 pkgs each beef hotdogs brats, 4 cans chunk lite tuna, fig bars, 2 each "oreos" and pecan shortbread cookies, 2 qts 1/2 & 1/2, 2 bottles "splash" juice, 3 pkgs fzn beef filled raviolis, 2 pkgs turkey breast Deli meat, 2 pints grape tomatoes, 4 slicing tomatoes, 1 pkgs pie crusts, 2 types of soft margarine (they now have a knock of "Smart balance" which was my preferred brand until it skyrocketed in price), 2 boxes "honey nut cheerios". $83.15,

I need to tally my receipts, see where I stand as far as the rest of the month goes. I have been stocking up on picnic supplies, easy to prepare items, keeping in mind some additional surgery this Summer.

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