Monday, May 18, 2015

A what would you do situation


I have used a fully insured, licensed and bonded, professional cleaning service since Aug 2012. They come once a month for the deep cleaning that I physically can no longer do. I pinch here and there, willingly, so as to afford this luxury. Per usual, I received a voice mail on Fri (the service day before) reminding me of and confirming my cleaning appointment for this afternoon, with the team scheduled to arrive between 3 and 5 p.m. I rushed home from work, so as to be here for 3. I waited until 5:30 (their phone lines shut off as of 5-though whenever I've called close to 5, they are already off), and I left a message, stating that the appointment was confirmed as of Fri, yet no one came today, nor did I receive any word from the company, as a courtesy, that there may have been an issue. I stated that I was not happy about this, and to please call me tomorrow (Tues) and advise me about this, and I assume to reschedule.

Assuming that I do get a call, I will ask for a new appointment, but am also contemplating asking for a discount for that cleaning, due to the inconvenience and discourtesy that the company showed me. Recently, I have asked around for alternative services, and have a few names. Most, however, are under the table types of situations. Being in a rental, should anything go wrong, a bonded and insured company covers it. This in fact happened at my last rental: one of the ladies accidently broke off a ceiling fan blade. Since it was an ancient ceiling fan in a room with 2 fans, the owner of this service replaced both fans, paying a handyman service to do so. No money out of my pocket, and I advised the former LL of the situation. She was getting 2 new fans at no cost, so she didn't care.

WWYD? Ask for a discount if one isn't offered tomorrow? Just find another insured/bonded service? go with an under the table person?

UPDATE: at 6:10. I received a call from the team leader of the cleaning crew, asking if they could come in one hour (call it 7 p.m) to do the cleaning. I told her no, it was too late, I expected them at 3, we're going to be having supper. Note that it takes 1 1/2 hours to clean, so they'd be here until 8:30?? While I do not fault the cleaning crew, I do fault the scheduling person who supposedly sent the crew "very far away" Of concern is the team leader asked, "So, are you cancelling?" I told her that I had already left a message at the office and await the manager to call me tomorrow to RESCHEDULE. Note that they charge $30 for a cancellation-something that I absolutely refuse to pay.


Anonymous said...

I refuse to do anything under the table. It isn't only a matter of breaking something, it could be much more serious like someone getting injured or, let's get this reasoning to the far end, dying on the job ... Just imagine the trouble you'd be in ! Also, in France for example, unofficial work costs the state so much money in lost taxes... I would certainly ask for some sort of compensation from your present company though !

Lee Ann said...

I would ask for a discount. If they refuse I'd find another cleaner.

Florence said...

If you have used this service for 12 years and they have given you good service for all these years, I think I'd wait until I talked to them tomorrow before I would be looking for anew cleaning service. Perhaps there was a car accident or a sudden illness. I've used the same cleaning people for many years and they are like family to us.
I don't see anything wrong in asking for a discount for the inconvenience.

Theresa F said...

I would give them the chance to rectify the situation and if they didn't look for another reputable company.

CTMOM said...

Frugal-I prefer NOT to go under the table-mostly as I am in a rental, and don't want any issues

Lee and Theresa-exactly

Florence, I have used them since Aug 2012, so almost 3 years.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I think I'd want to hear the reason first, and see if they were prompt in rescheduling. I certainly wouldn't find the evening alternative acceptable!

I don't think it's too much to ask for a discount, especially as you hurried home from work, etc. and then didn't get the cleaning done. Your time is worth something too.

SAK said...

Even if there is a good reason - someone should have called. And it sounds like the reason was poor scheduling. Before asking for a discount - ask them what they are going to do to make this up to you given your long history with them. Depending on how they respond - start looking at new services (not under the table).

Mary Lou said...

I wouldn't immediately ask for a discount rather I would ask how they plan to compensate me for the inconvenience they caused me. Then act accordingly.

Sandie Apuzzo said...

So, what was the final outcome of this situation?