Sunday, May 10, 2015

A quick stop at the store, taking advantage of some crash and burn items


Friday afternoon found me driving around for errands on the way back from work, so I stopped in at Stop and Shop for a few items for this weekend's Mother's Day celebration. I bought some Deli counter cold cuts and cheese, raspberries, strawberries, 2 types of ice cream, ground beef. While there, I checked out the marked down sections, aka "crash and burn" and found a few things: 2 large cans of crshed tomatoes for marinara @ 84 cents, a can of Rotel style tomatoes (I had used up my last can recently) @ 59 cents.

 An unusal find: a Dairy dept marked down. I grabbed one of each variety of these double/single creams, marked @ 50 % off or $1.89 each. I figure that I can try these with the aforementioned fresh berries. Any other suggestions? My Europeen readers? this seems like something one would comonly find across the pond.
4 boxes of reduced sodium Rice a Roni mixes @ 74 cents. I anticipate additional surgery (ies) this Summer, and quick to get together meals will be welcomed. I figure that BSCb and a pkg of fzn vegetables would make this a one pot meal.

I also came across some pristine cans (larger sized) of Campbell's picnic style beans @ 89/can. I grabbed 8 for my pantry shelves. We had some on Friday, not the usual tomato bean, more of a Bush's baked bean. Not bad, especially at that price!

$50.21 total spent

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Lee Ann said...

I've never seen extra thick double cream.