Monday, May 25, 2015

A filled pantry, for the most part

 My pantry, located at the bottom of the cellar stairs, just inside the door (located at left in photo) that leads into the garage.
My condiments and canning cabinet. Still plenty of homemade relishes and jams. Sadly, one pint of tomatoes, and only 2 of apple sauce remain.

As Summer approaches, so do the worst months, financially for me, as I do not draw a salary for 10 weeks. I have 3 paychecks left this school year, then won't get paid again until Sept 15th. I plan for this, one of the ways that I do so, is to make sure that the pantry and freezer are full. We will continue to receive weekly organic CSA pickups, well into the Fall. It was prepaid back in Feb and April (I am able to do a split payment). I culled through the coupon box, and lists of Memorial Day sales/promotions in hand, I headed out to 2 stores to see how I could do. Items purchased with coupons are in bold.

Store #1: Shoprite: 4 Tide simply, 1 Purex power shot, 2 SR lite mayo, 2 16 oz Ken's dressings, 5 each 29 oz Red Pack diced tomatoes with garlic onions and herbs as well as 5 tomato puree (used to make my own marinara), 2 Knorr noodle pouches, 2 SR cold cereal, 1 Campbell's creamy herb sauce, 2 SR marshmallows (Smores were a real hit the other night!), 4 Goya low salt beans, 1 Sara Lee bread, 4.35 bs ground London broil (loss leader @ $2.49/lb), 2 family packs of BSCb @ $1.99/lb, 1 4 ct pkgs Perdue chicken patties @ $1.88 (marked down), 2 tub margarine, 4 Ball Park beef hot dogs @ $2.49, 1 Sargento tastings Asiago, 1 lb Deli counter meat, cheese ends (see separate post), 2 Oil of Olay body washes, 1 Suave body wash, 1 Herbal essences body wash, 1 Tresseme conditioner, 2 Suave shampoo, 1 VO5 shampoo, 1 Oil of olay lotion, 4 Men's deodorant, 2 pouches cough drops, 1 toothpaste, cherries, 1 small canister Kraft seasoned Parmesan (see other post), 1/3 lb Deli counter sliced cheese (see other post). I spent $143.17, saving $26.60 with coupons and 10 cents with bottle returns.

Store # 2: Walgreens:  3 cans (limit) of salmon on special with coupon @ $1.99/each.  $5.97 out the door.

Store # 3: Stop & Shop:  -1 sour cream, 1 pkgs cheese singles (see separate cheese post), 1 gallon milk: YES! a MILK coupon 2 S & S ice cream, 2 bottles sesame oil, 2 Purex detergent, 4 Wacky Mac, 2 Minute Rice (new Jasmine and Basmati flavors, used a BOGO coupon), 2 4 lb bags Domino sugar, 1 box of 225 bonus count Lipton tea bags, 3 12 count double rolls pkgs of Northern TP (sale matches what I pay @ Aldi's), 3 4 ct pkgs of Perdue whole grain chicken cutlets (see other meat post), 6 ears of butter/sugar corn, 1 Pom juice, 2 lbs strawberries. I spent $66.24, saving $17.53 with coupons and bottle returns.

Yes, I need to tally my receipts, get a clear picture of what I have left to work with this Summer. Pantry is bursting, which is a comfort.


Frugal Queen said...

Hi- do you teach? I'm a teacher and we are paid for the 38 weeks that we work split over 12 monthly salary payments. Tax, national insurance and pension comes out leaving 2/3rds of my pay. National insurance is to pay for health care and what you call welfare. Everyone gets both if they need it whether they can pay or not.

CTMOM said...

Froogs, I have the option to spread my salary over 12 months. I choose not to, budgeting accordingly, keeping what little interest I can make, in MY bank, instead of my employer's. I take home 67.9% of my salary: federal income tax, state income tax, Medicare tax, my health savings account, long term disability insurance, medical insurance, Union dues, retirement eat up the rest. My budget is based upon my take home pay, from which I set aside savings every month.

Ms. Sandie said...

Though our studio is year round, we do tend to get a drop in enrollment for July and August (mainly on the other teachers schedules). Since I started my new plan of action a year ago, I now am thinking ahead due to your when any of the teachers schedules change, it affects me as well in having to use more of my earnings to 'float the house' so to speak. Thanks for being a great role model CTMom!

CTMOM said...

Sandie, it's hardier for someone with a business and variable income to set a budget, not that it can't be done. Main caveat is to live below your take home pay, setting aside "extra" every month to cover emergencies, for future financial goals (a home in my case) or to float the business while income is reduced over the Summer months.

Belinda said...

Some really good deals, Carol. We

Like you, we do well using some coupons to save money. Did you get the Walgreens/Pure X deal? It was great. I am typing on my tablet so this is hard to type with spell check.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, Stop n Shop has Purex for $1.99/50 oz bottle. I had a $2/2 cpn, paying 99 each out the door. Great deal!