Saturday, April 18, 2015

What's been cooking?

 Fish on Monday: frozen Tilapia fillets were drizzled with lemon juice, seasoned with a Penzey's spice seasoning, covered in Panko and dotted with butter before baking off
 2 pkgs of multi colored, frozen fingerlings in olive oil with Rosemary and garlic
 A microwave cooked bag of broccoli florettes rounded out the meal

Since the oven was on, we baked a pan of brownies
 Tuesday: stuffed pepper cups. We didn't have enough the lat time I made these, so I made a tray full, usinf the pepper cups I prepared last Summer. I use them as still frozen, which makes filing them easier
 I stretched the Lb of ground beef, by adding some lentils to my usual recipe
 Fresh out of the oven
 Wed became pasta night, allowing me the chance to use one of 2 lurking jars of vodka sauce that DS brought with him when he moved in. I also used the last of the penne, a cut we really like, so I will replenish that once we've eaten down yet more of  the pasta on hand
 French green beans completed the meal
 as well as an option to have a stuffed pepper, if desired.  Thurs became take out pizza. Tried a new place, I wasn't impressed and thought they were expensive.
Friday night: chilli nacho taco bake, a casserole that we tried once before and liked. Again only 1 Lb of ground beef fed 6 people, thanks to the 2 cans of pintos in the recipe. I served Mexicorn with this, extra tortilla chips on the side.

 A pretty good week!


Anonymous said...

Good job! Everything looks delish!

Lili said...

You're doing a great job of keeping meals on the table during this difficult recovery time.

Many folks would have resorted to take out every night.

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

You are doing such a wonderful job - keep healing and keep having those kids help you! ~ Pru