Sunday, April 26, 2015

Taking stock

 This photo of our pantry shelves was taken exactly 2 weeks ago
 Compare to today's photo, I can see a significant reduction there.
 Ditto the freezer-while both areas DO have food still, choices and amounts are reducing. Currently, this is intentional. While lodgers were behind in their monthly obligations, my grocery budget took a hit. Enter an unexpected medical emergency taking me off line in the kitchen, more ready meal ingredients have been chosen. As of today, I am only out $35 still for April, and we've spent the bulk of the allotted monies for the month. The grocery list grows.
Inside freezer door holds mostly veg and fruit, some cheese, ice packs for the cooler.

This reduction trend will continue, I've just e-mailed the LL asking if we can rent for another year, and to pleae let me know as soon as possible. If we do have to move, I want to move as little food as possible,  May menus are set, we trudge on for another month, but I must get some items this week. Additionally, I am now paying OOP for $$$ PT-not optional, so it's an expense I am incurring.


Lee Ann said...

that is quite a pantry. You need to help me organize mine and it is nowhere near as big.

Doesn't your insurance cover physical therapy? I know that is a pain literally and figuratively. I've gone through a lot of PT with my foot and back surgery and I am thankful my copay was $50 a visit.

CTMOM said...

Lee, I exhauted my annual benefit of 50 visits/year. I am obliged to pay OOP

Lee Ann said...

Oh I see. As good as you are at budgeting I know you will make it happen.