Friday, April 10, 2015

Taking stock and May menus 2015


Previiusly, I planned my April menus and even with my unexpected accident, I've been aiming to stick with them, whenever possible:

Tonight had me thinking ahead especially as one recent menu modification was due to not being able to find a pkg of pork cubes for stew in the garage standing freezer. We've been earting the contents down, little if any meat has been purchased, so it was a good time to give it a going through. I listed what is there, struck off items that we will use in April and then proceeded to create my May menus.

2-tuna salad sandwiches
3-pork chops (fzn), mashed potatoes, beets, apple sauce
4-sun dried tomato sausage (fzn) hot pot, salad
5-precooked turkey(fzn) and pinto bean tacos, Mexicorn, refried beans
7-CP meatballs(fzn) in marinara over spaghetti, salad
9-egg salad sandwiches
10-pot roast (fzn), mashed potatoes, corn
11-salmon cakes, carrots, coleslaw
12-CP stuffed pepper cups (fzn), fzn peas
14-CP Swiss steaks (fzn), noodles, steamed cabbage
15-homemade sausage(fzn)  pizza
16-sloppy joes use fzn grnd turkey, salad
17-roast pork (fzn), apple sauce, egg noodles, fzn mix veggies
18-planned over: pork stir fry with oodon noodles, fzn pot stickers
19-quiche tbd, salad
21-pate chinois-use fzn grnd beef, apple raisin cole slaw
23-omlettes tbd, salad
24-corned beef (fzn) n cabbage dinner
25-grilled beef(use fzn grnd beef)burgers, macaroni salad, baked beans
26-baked med. sized shella pasta w/ marinara n cheese, salad
28-CP meatloaf (use fzn grnd meat0mashed potaroes,fzn peas and fzn pearl onions in cream sauce
30-planned overs: meatloaf sandwiches
31-roast whole chicken (fzn), ginger rice mix, green beans

An added bonus is that the organic CSA will start in May, bringing more fresh produce to the table.

Our lease expires at the end of July. a month during which I have planned 2 surgical procedures-certainly not an ideal time to move. I plan on contacting the LL come early May and ask if she would consider renting out for a second year. Assuming that the terms including rent remained the same, it would be ideal for us to remain here one more year, allowing the youngest to graduate from HS as well as some complicated divorce agreement terms. Once they are 18, many more options are readily avaiable to me/us. So, anticipating a possible move, this is also a good time to continue to eat down/use up the stores. Less monies spent on groceries will also help as I incur significant OOP bills for upcoming PT and OT.

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