Saturday, April 25, 2015

Taking care of business, maintaining my vehicle


I try to take care of what I own. It may not be the top of the line, or designer, the latest/greatest but it's mine, and I want as well as need my things to last.  My car is no exception. I carefully drove it to the dealership after work yesterday, and finally had my snow tires removed, the all season radials put back on. Since I bought the tires through them, there was no charge. They also perforned a safety inspection, again at no cost to me; all is well for another 6,000 miles. I did get 2 new replacement batteries for my keyless ignition as one fob was dead, the second one registering as weak. Done.

Last issue to address: getting my replacement windshield, thanks to the pot hole rock that kicjed up and cracked the original one. Yes, it'll cost me about $385 but this is an investment that I want to keep in tip top shape. Although a 2010 model, it only has 36,000 miles on it, with me being the driver to put the most mileage on the car. The plan is to keep this car about 5 more years, if possible, setting aside $ every month so as to be able to again pay cash for a future replacement.

I also would like to take it in to be detailed this Summer.


slugmama said...

Setting aside money for the next car while you are driving the current car is the smartest way to keep out of car debt.

CTMOM said...

Sluggy, I make a "car payment" to myself every month.

Julie Vidani said...

I drove my last car (Suburban) for 13 years and I miss it terribly.

Patti said...

I am still driving my 2001 expedition and it runs great. I, too, think regular maintenance is the key.
We recently bought my husband a new Subaru. He tried to get me to take it as I am the main breadwinner, but I am happy with my suv and my commute is 9 miles round trip so the gas doesn't kill me. I always have space for a costco shop when I find myself with a little time. Lol