Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday supper, a use it up theme

 While brown rice was on the menu, since the bread heels are piling up, I decided that stuffinng would make more sense. I whirled the dried out bread in my Cuisinart-it was a mixture of 12 grain, honey wheat, raisin bread, rye bread.
 A large onion and the last of my celery followed. I sauteed these vegetables in the fat from some homemade chicken stock plus some stick margarine,
 The stock was heated up as it was in a gelatinous state, spices were added to the crumbs and all was blended together
 After resting in this plastic tub, it was transferred to a covered casserole.
 What appears to be my last pkg of chicken drums -time to do something different, Initially, I grabbed the white Worcestershire
  but I then spotted this bottle of orange marinade, and lots of Chinese food condiments.
so I wisked it all together for what I am calling "sticky chicken"

my fridge is happy, more things gotten rid of.

Sides will be l/o beets and l/o peas. I also have 2 servings of 3 bean salad if interested.

my dinner plate. Chicken was a hit! DS asked, "Why is the chicken so fancy?"

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Lili said...

Stuffing is on our menu tonight, too. I have some turkey stock to use up, and am serving turkey in gravy as the entree. So, stuffing sounded about right. Adding some celery,and sorrel leaves and parsley from the garden. Will use the leftover turkey stock as liquid, and some turkey fat from the freezer, with bread crumbs.

enjoy your Sunday dinner!