Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday supper: meatloaf

 The theme is use it up, make do with what we have. Pictured above are leftover garlic toasts that I made using lefover crusty dinner rolls. No waste here, they were pulsed through the Cuisinart, along with all of the bread heels that we had been amassing.

Instant  Italian seasoned, bread crumbs to which I will be adding additional herbs.
 As usual, the meatloaf will be a combination of previously frozen ground beef and ground turkey. The rest of a Romano cheese wedge, the rest of a wedge of Parmesan will both be used up. I am almost out of milk , an ingredient needed for the instant potatoes I am planning on serving, so I will turn to my instant milk for the meatloaf, where any off taste can't be detected. I only have one can of reg corn left, so creamed corn will be served instead (I normally only use it for corn chowders and a Sheppards pie casserole dish).
Even the ketchup is gone (I ended up finishing it on my scrambled eggs this morning), so I am turning to a bottle of chilli  sauce that was overbought at Christmas for a recipe tht DS #1's GF wanted to make (only needed 1 after all), and will blend that with some rogue fast food contiment sauces: 2 BBQ, 1 each honey mustard and zesty mustard, getting those out of the fridge in the process.

This will be "Crock Pot baked" all day.


Lee Ann said...

I wish I liked meatloaf but my mother pretty much ruined me for life. LOl But that recipe sounds really good.

NJB said...

Oh my gosh I never once ever considered putting a loaf pan in the crockpot to do something like meatloaf. What an awesome idea and one I am going to steal!

CTMOM said...

Nancy-great energy saver (electric is very expensive here in CT) and doesn' heat up the house in Summer! I've been doing this for years.