Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday eats

Breakfast or for many here, brunch, was a fix it yourself affair.  I had fried Spam, scrambled eggs, tater tots, Rye toast, grapefruit juice, and my Sunday morning ritual treat:  Hazelnut coffee.

 A light, mid afternoon lunch allowed me to cull 3 cans of soup out of the pantry: cream of tomato rice soup, served with crackers.
 Sunday supper once again finds pork on the menu, since that is what was on hand, that is what we're having. I will have help making my pork chop stuffing bake dish.
French green beans and home made apple sauce complete the menu.


Softie said...

Have you posted that pork chop recipe before? Do you bake your own rye bread in the bread maker. I have yet to find a good recipe for that. I am glad you are recovering so well.

CTMOM said...

Softie-I added a link to my recipe. I buy rye at Aldi's but plan on trying to make my own once I am better