Saturday, April 25, 2015

So what's been cooking?-the birthday edition

 DS #1 turned 21 this week, and he chose to have a steak and sea scallop dinner at home, not that I am up to eating out. I lucked out, financially, as the freezer already contained several pkgs of steaks (marked down and acquired over time)as well as a pkg of 3 NY strips (which he requested) that I got for free. I used some home made Italian vinaigrette as a marinade, and DS grilled them on the deck
DD sprung for the sea scallops, as part of her gift to DS. I quickly cooked these in a skillet with butter, white wine, French tarrragon.  I can't remember when I last had scallops.
Russset potatoes were baked off in the convection mini oven, to conserve electricity. These were served with butter, salt n pepper, sour cream.
DS wanted corn on the cob; it's simply not in season. All of my organic fzn corn is gone, so canned it was, seasoned with butter, black pepper.
A large salad
served with choice of home made dressings, pickled vegetables
Crusty rolls, another request.  DD once again baked a 2 layer, chocolate cake, this time filling between the layers with fruit preserves, only frosting the top, decorating it with coconut. This is how I usually do my cakes, so we call this method "a Momma's cake."

Thursday:Crocpot day, as I had a seminar after work, then was off to the hospital for PT. I came home to a CP of home made (were fzn) meatballs in a quick marinara I made.

 I had 1/2 of a box of reg spaghetti, and was going to add some of the whole grain pasta, only to discover that it was buggy. Ick! I gradded a new box of reg spaghetti and added more pasta from there.
Blurry photo: we used up the leftover salad, leftover veggies as sides.

leftover, crusty rolls became garlic toast

Fri was dinner for one, I was more tired than hungry, so I had a bowl of cereal and went to bed early.

Saturday: ground turkey sloppy joes, the restr of the tter tots, leftover veg.

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