Sunday, April 19, 2015

Simple Saturday

A bit blurry, but this was Saturday supper: egg and olive sandwiches with option of assorted veggies from earlier in the week, that I mixed together.  DD took DS to his lesson and afterwards, they went to Aldi's for me.  Out of desperation, I drove a month's worth or recycling over to the transfer station, to return for a second trip to bring a month's worth of actual trash. I was scheduled to bring 2 week's worth the day after I got hurt, which is how we accumulated so much. $7 for 6 bags of trash/6 people or 35 lbs of trash is awesome! Consider that the average American creates 4.3 lbs waste/day:

Another DS helped fold 3 baskets worth of dried laundry and to hang sheets on the clothesline. I was able to place the rest on clothes horses, now placed on the enclosed sun porch. More sheets were washed last night, I'll need those hung out today as well.

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