Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Planning ahead and medical update

 Supper dishes cleared away, leftovers addressed and it was time to plan ahead for Wed, The twins will be out with Dad, so dinner for 4.  I started with a marked down pkg of sweet Italian sausage and what I'll call "marinara fixings" from the freezer-a plastic tub with the leftover sauce from stuffed peppers and a bit of leftover sloppy joe sauce that I later added to this same container, knowing that
i'd turn to it the next time I needed to make a pasta sauce. Waste not, want not.
 A large can of tomato sauce, a large can of stewed tomatoes, a can of mushrooms, an onion. I will also need spices, celery. Once again, I will be asking for help in the morning to get the crock Pot set up for the sauce to cook all day.
 I grabbed the gallon jar of what we call "wagon wheels" aka fancy pasta that we are using up. These were bought on marked down, and are Italian imports. A green salad and dinner will be done.

 the finished bolognese style sauce
 over wagon wheels
decided to go with a 3 bean salad, dir a nice change

Medical update:I've been off narcotics for a few days now, but keep Advil on board to help mostly with swelling, some pain. Dressings/bandages are kept off, I am able to shower with assistance, since Sunday. My incision is covered with surgical tape and looks good. 
It runs roughly from my collar bone angling downwards towards the top of my shoulder. Although I am wearing a bra during the day, I can't wear the left strap over this area. Anticipating a return to work on Mon, I'll have to devise some sort of padding to wear under the left strap, if I can at all tolerate it. I'll ask my MD if he knows any tricks. If you don't like medical stuff, don't look past the end of this sentence.

Finally, a cold/sinus infection seems to be making the rounds here: ds #3 had it first (required RX antibiotics), then DD=also rx, now gf is sick anf I am fighting it. It's imperative that I remain healthy, so I am taking care of myself and, with help, will make a small batch of chicken soup for lunch tomorrow, using some home made chicken stock.


Theresa F said...

Glad you are healing quickly. Hope all goes well when you return to work.

Your dinners always sound so yummy.

sqbdew said...

why not wear a strapless bra?

HappyGrama said...

Take some Airborne. It helps me to fend off a head/chest cold! Reckon that coughing or sneezing could be painful for you during recovery from surgery! God Bless You!

CTMOM said...

good suggestion but I don't own any, am well endowed-even more so as I have swelling on the surgical side, am in no position to go shopping. I am residing in a La Z boy recliner

Marcia in rural WNY said...

If it's any help--I visited a friend with pneumonia yesterday, and his doctor advised Mucinex--he said it helps a lot. It's something OTC that I would never have tried for myself without that recommendation. I will try it next time I need it. It's just 2 tablets a day--one every 12 hours.

Jodi Newman said...

So left shoulder was the one I had surgery on too. I had my clavicle cut off, the incision is right where my bra strap is too. I loosened my strap quite a bit, I am also quite well endowed, but it seems to be working well. I will not be doing any jogging or anything like that though. Maybe that could work for you.


Lee Ann said...

Oh my. I've been out of loop because I totally missed your accident. I will be praying for you. I wish I lived closer so I could actually help you.