Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's going back!

My errands are piling up, as driving remains restricted. On the list: a trip to Kohl's to return the capris I bought earlier this year, finding that their sizing/cut compared to an almost identical pair I bought last year, is different, and I can't wesr them. I am also returning the $$$ Cuisinart flatware that I bought in Nov/DEc. Great shape for my hands, love the weight of them but the black handles are merely a layer of black plastic that is peeling off. They look awful! Luckily, I still have my old flatwear, that I saved for when the kids move out. We're back to using that.

Finally, the box of pasta:  here's an e-mail I just sent to Ronzoni:

"I went to use this box out of my pantry, only to find that there are live, small, brownish bugs in it. I can't completely make out the date code initials after the JUL1715, I am guessing HH as the place of manufacture code. It's hard to make out. I'd like a refund, and coupons for my next purchase, thanks."

In the past, companies have for the mst part been responsive to consumer complaints. While the exp date is July 2015, I know that I bought this box since moving here last Aug. I will also return it to the store, *pretty sure it was Shoprite, and I used a coupon for it. Gross.


Anonymous said...

For the future, when you stock up on pastas, rice, or other grains that you know aren't going to be used for awhile, freeze them first for 20 minutes and find airtight packaging/storage containers. While by the use by date, it technically should be ok, cardboard is not the bhai set for storage. Ever. Even a large Rubbermaid or Tupperware pasta containers will get bugs if you don't flash freeze your grains first.

CTMOM said...

Eileen, I keep all other pasta shapes in large (gallon?) glass jars with metal, screw on lids. No issues. This is my oldest, last box, if you will. We are eating down the pantry. I will definately start freezing spaghetti. This was gross. It is now bagged in a plastic bread bag for return.