Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

A quiet Easter at home this year, found DS #1 doing most if the cooking as DD was off to the walk in clinic due to a sinus infection. Baked ham with pineapple rings and a mustard-brown sugar glaze, kielbasa, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, a mix of peas/creamed onions/mushrooms. Yummy and provides ham for this week.

Saturday night supper was grilled chicken burgers on rolls w/ choice of cheeses and condiments, baked beans, coleslaw.

Working hard to keep the kitchen running, the laundry done, the house clean.  Kids are realizing pretty fast all that I normally do.


Susan R said...

Wow-it looks like you son did a great job!
Happy ESter Carol!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

The meal looks great, and it never hurts the rest of the family to "notice" how much there is to do when they have to pitch in a little extra. This year my daughter actually came over to help with the housecleaning on Friday afternoon--since DGD was bringing a new boyfriend. It's a big house and her parents are slowing down--it's not that we DON'T clean, it's just that we've slowed down so much that doing the more obvious things takes longer and the less frequently needed jobs don't get done very frequently at all. She dust-mopped all the walls and ceilings downstairs, and did a deep clean on the coffee cart in the kitchen (which also holds a couple small appliances.) We were grateful because it would have taken one of us easily twice as much time as it took her. I so believe that "youth is wasted on the young."