Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday: back in the kitchen and trying something new

 Sticking with original menu for tonight: brown rice with a creamy chicken in sauce over the top
 2 BSCB were cut into chunks; I noted that welve been eating a lot of drums lately and I can't remember when I lasr had BSCB I cooked the meat in a skillet, seasoning it with onion powder and black pepper
 I tried this cooking sauce tonight, but putting my own spin on it.  I also added minced onion, French tarragon, parsley
 as well as some Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) leftover from last night
 I simmered this a bit
 organic fzn peas ($1 clearance @ Aldis a while back) were topped with margarie and seasoned with salt n pepper

My supper plate.  Very good. Thid sauce is nirmally expensive; I bought 2 boxes of it combining a sale plus large coupon. With minimal assistance, I cooked tonight.

On the medical front: I saw my 2 orthopdic surgeons today, stitches removed, everything looked over, Xrays take, I continue to be healing well, and can keep the sling off at home but must wear it at work and in public. I am cleared to return to work Mon as planned but have strict restrictions-basically don't use left arm at all. PT also begins Mon. I begged to be able to drive and was told to only go to/from work n PT, that;s it and to drive very catefully. Prudence is key. As far as using my arm at home, I can cook with utensils, no carrying, wash, dress etc. No raising of my arm, lifting, bearing weight, etc. If you don't like medical stuff, stop reading here.

 Still have significant fruising of all colors on my arm, thigh
 and elbow, which has gotten stiff and sore from being in a sling for 2 weeks. Not a flattering picture, really need to tug my shirt down!
After discussing how/if I can wear a bra strap over the shoulder, my MD assured me that I can, and once home, DD helped me to put it on, over the shoulder. He was right, no concerns. Here is my new, 8 " scar, faintly in the top right of the photo, one can see my rotator cuff surgery scar.


Belinda said...

Bless your heart, Carol. Your arm looks so painful. I hope it is not bothering you too badly right now.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, the bruising is 80% better! I was covered in deep dark purple black bruising-common I've learned, with bone breaks. Pain wise, I am off narcotics, keeping Advil on board which really helps with swelling-also greatly improved, as well as pain manamement. Ice packs are also my friends