Monday, April 20, 2015

Fish on Monday and thoughtful people

 Another pantry based meal: 2 cabs ck lite, 1 can albacore, 4 cups shell macaroni, 1 can cr mushroom soup, fzn peas, 3 cooked carrots, canned mushrms, minced onion, black pepper, dill weed, milk all became the base of this casserole, that I topped with some French fried onions, and the rest of some good, NY state Cheddar. A green salad will accomany. Good to have the oven on for some heat, it's raining and I feel cold.
 On the way home from work, I stopped to purchaes some free range eggs from my OB nurse of all people. Knowing of my recent fall, my OB (now retired but good friends with the nurse) had her buy me a bouquet of flowers from him. She was upset as they were old when she went to set them in water, so she's going to return them and will get me more the next time I go for eggs. I "ordered" 2 dozen, she threw in a few extra. : )
Once home, I hard boiled most of my store bought eggs, saving the good ones for breakfasts over toast, fir example.

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