Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Being flexible with our menus

While this month's (April) menus have been planned for some time, my recent accident has impacted whether or not we follow "the plan" as I am heavily reliant upon others for actual meal prep as well as their work schedules/availability. As usual, after supper, I gather the ingredients needed for the next day.

Last night, I couldn't readily find the package of pork stew meat, so we're going with the package of pork chops I took out instead. One of my Crock Pots is called into service.

 Sides will be garlic and herb seasoned noodles, cannned beets, homemade apple sauce and perhaps either a coleslaw or green salad.

My focus remains on cooking at home, using on hand ingredients, providing nutritionally sound meals that avoid take out, which I can not afford, on many levels.


Gill - That British Woman said...

how are you feeling, recovering as well as expected?

Rachel said...

I think you are doing great, all things considered. You are an inspiration to many of us. I hope you are healing well.

CTMOM said...

Gill, i saw my md fri, 2 days post op and i am doing amazingly well. now off narcotics, keeping just Advil on board mostly to help with swelling. stitches come out this fri

Theresa F said...

I am amazed at your tenacity.If I were in your shoes I would be living off take-out, budget be darned :).

CTMOM said...

theresa, it's not just a financial issue. i am very mindful of nutrution. today's lunch: 2 l/o small chicken drums that were baked, l/o french green beans, l/o baked beans, jello and herbal tea. i need high protein,low salt, high fiber, lots of fluids as i heal. md is very pleased with my recovery so far, so i must be doing something right. i may* be fighting a cold/sinus infection or my spring allergies are starting. 2 of my kids recently had sinus infections, so i am mindful of symptoms of that as well.