Thursday, April 9, 2015

A birthday celebration

 Today is Ds's gf's birthday and we are having a family celebration at home, I simpply am not up to going out nor would I want to incur such an expense with out of pocket costs for shoulder PT looming. Instead, I offered take out of choice or home cooked meal of choice. We make birthday cakes, and DD made the one above, after asking for preferences: Nancy of Ohio's Mom's recipe for scratch chocolate cake, topped with a dark chocolate buttercream frosting and filled with coconut between the layers as well as all around. Fresh strawberries arodn the top.  Mint chocikate chip ice cream was purchased.
 I coached DS as he prepared the requested meal of quiche: tonight's version is onion-used the remaining open 1/2, mushroom, Easter ham, the rest of a block of sharp NY state Cheddar, spinach. A stray, leftover tomato slice thar turned soft was chopped and added as a garnih. The leftover eggwhites from cake baking were used up, along with 8 more eggs, 1/4 cup milk, salt, pepper, tarragon to form the custard using Frugal Queen's technique.
 the  rest of the fresh carrots, the rest of the fresh broccoli crowns, the resr of the opened cauliflower will be steamed.
A simple green slad of organic baby greens will finish the menu, served with choice of homemade

my dinner plate


this morning. DS drove me to my monthly hair appointment and I had my longer hair cut up to just touching my shoulders. Longer hair is hard to maintain, and DD is on styling duty at the moment. I got a good 4-5 inches off. This should make personal care easier on us both. Sine my hair grows fast, should I choose to grow it this Summer I can.


Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Well done DD and DS! Cake and Quiches looked good :-)

Hope you continue to heal fast!
~ Pru

Belinda said...

Happy Birthday to DS's GF. What a beautiful cake! And your son did a great job on the quiche. I just love how they have pitched in to help you while you are out of commission with your shoulder.

Rachel said...

That cake looks fabulous! Happy birthday to your DS's GF! So glad your kids are chipping in to help while you heal.