Thursday, March 26, 2015

What's been cooking?

 The theme for cooking on Wed and Fridays is "leftovers"-depending upon who will be at the table with me. Wed is visitation night for the twins, and they return to Dad's for 3 out of 4 weekends a month during the school year. Last night (Wed) was again leftovers but more of a leftover wizardy event. Intentionally cooked ahead asperagus, the last roll of premade pie pastry, the rest of a container of mushrooms that was starting to go off, eggs that were aging, an onion, some Danish Havarti with dill that was purchased yet never used in Feb.
 These items, plus 1/2 of an onion, became a budget quiche a la Froogs, using milk, 4 eggs to create a custard, and just a bit of cheese-compared to traditional recipes.
 Sides were plain, fzn mixed vegetables (not pictured) and fzn (Dollar tree) mixed fingerling potatoes with Rosemary and garlic. They roasted alongside the quiche.
 I also boiled the remaining eggs in that carton (I have some fresher eggs on hand) and refrigerated them last night. This afternoon (thurs), I made some egg and green olive salad sandwich fillings for Friday's Lenten lunches. I still have 6 marked down, store bakery Kaiser rolls that will be used for sandwiches.
Today, is CrockPot and usually vegetarian Thursday but I still had about 2 cups of ground up eye of the round roast, some extra cooked ahead brown rice, leftover Colby Jack cheese from vegetarian tacos.. I added a pint of my home canned tomatoes, some Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, Italian herbs and made stuffed pepper cups, turning to my prepared, fzn pepper cups in the freezer. I place them into the awaiting CP, and stuff them while frozen. I then poured a 34 cent can of crash n burn Italian style tomato sauce over the top and they cooked all day while I was away at work. Pictured above is tonight's salad to accompany, with choice of homemade dressings.

House smells awesome!

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TrayceeBee said...

The quiche looked amazing! Great supper - leftovers or not!