Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What's been cooking

 Here's Sunday lucnh: ground turkey sloppy joes, using fzn meat, canned sauce (DT of all places for Delmonte brand), on rolls I grabbed out of the freezer. Aldi's tater tots on the side. It worked.
 Fish on Monday was a pantry clear out meal: creamed tuna (2 cans ck lite plus one albacore) on brown rice (stored in large, coffee tin), The base of the sauce was a can of cr of celery soup DS brought with him when he moved home, the rest of a cut, red onion, dill weed, black pepper, milk. Sides were canned beets, steamed fresh asparagus.
 My dinner plate. Extra asparagus was cooked intentionally for an upcoming meal.
 Due to afterwork commitments, I switched Tues and Thurs' dinner plans. Remember that leftover eye of the round from Sunday? I ground it up in the food processor (over 4 cups of meat when ground) and used 2 cups or so as a bolognese sauce. 4 oz fresh mushrooms, 29 oz can tomato sauce, 14 oz can diced Italian style tomatoes (love these as they already contain the herbs, onion, garlic and some EVOO)-this particular can was a crash n burn bargain. I also added the rest of Saturday's ground turkey sloppy joes, a Bay leaf. I used the Crock Pot and let this cook for the better part of the afternoon while I was out.
I used 2 different sizes of penne pasta that I had stored in a huge, glass jar. I folded in the bolognese sauce, topped the pasta with the rest of the knob of Parmesan I had open, and the rest of a blog of Mozzarella, hand grating both over the top. I then baked this off for 10 minutes:

Here it is, right out of the oven. I served a mixed green salad, using the rest of the leftover, chopped Romaine from Friday night's tacos, blended in with some fresh, organic baby salad green, a chopped tomato. Choice of dressing on the side. Most took an Italian vinaigrette.


TrayceeBee said...

Thanks for the tip about grounding up the eye round roast! I always struggle what to do with leftovers besides slicing for lunches. I will definitely have to try this next time I roast one.

CTMOM said...

Traycee, ground up roasts make great hash, use as you would cooked ground beef: chilli, Sheppard's pie, tacos, etc. Alternatively, it can be cubed and turned into a stew, slivered and made into stroganoff or stir fry.