Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What's been cooking?

 More items out of the pantry yesterday, including my last can of red, wild caught, Alaskan, sockeye Salmon
 which I turned into creamed salmon over fork mashed, boiled potatoes, with a side of mixed gr/waxed beans
A simple salad with choice of dressing completed our "Fish on Monday" meal.

 Tonight's Crock Pot meal was a real treat: pot roast! We hadn't had that for some time, but I had purchased 2 roasts on sale and froze them. I cook them still frozen, on low with one can of Golden Mushroom soup and one envelope of French onion soup (still have a LOT that had been gifted to us), some extra black pepper.
 One bonus is that it makes it's own gravy!
 I cut up one carrot per person, and steamed them. Once cooked, I transfered them to a serving dish, added the dribbles of honey left in the bottle, as well as the rest of the orange-honey butter from a few weeks ago (served with corn bread I think?).
 Although I do have fresh potatoes on hand, I am trying to eat down pantry ingredients, including this metal canister (it's OLD! they only make these in paperboard now)that I decant potato flakes into. We had been gifted multiple boxes and this is the last of them. Good in a pinch, although not my preference.
 I made a larger batch, using milk, butter, salt, pepper, onion powder.
My dinner plate! It tasted really good. Enough leftovers for a lunch to tote to work tomorrow, extra gravy is now a frozen asset.


Mary Lou said...

Pot roast, just the way you make it, is one of my favorite crock
pot meals. Although even pot roast prices are out of sight these days so there was only one served this winter in this house.

Dawn- Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Looks Delicious! :)

HappyGrama said...

I used to work in a school kitchen, and we used potato flakes. The cook added chicken bouillon to them,and the kids all raved about how good they were!

Anonymous said...

All looks delicious and organized ! You're a good role model for me !

CTMOM said...

Mary Lou, yes, beef is out of sight in price. I got 2 pot roasts a while back, on sale-I think I paid $3.49/lb. It made for a nice change.