Friday, March 6, 2015

Today's freebie and fighting temptation

 A bit of a rough commute this morning, but I arrived safe and sound, in the bitter cold (-4 degrees F). As I passed through the main office, I was paged over the intercom. I was right by the office of the person seeking me, and we quickly addressed an issue for this morning. I had forgotten that today was TGIF, which came at a great time, as I only had 1/4 cup of yogurt that I toted to work, along with a banana for my bfst. Yet something else we've used up. So, I grabbed 2 smallish muffins and some fruit. Nice.

While my day at work went fairly well, the afternoon quickly tanked. First, I got stuck in traffic, due to road repair, making me very late for a PT appointment. I called ahead and after picking DS # 3 up, we headed out. Went to PT, and no, they can't reschedule for today, there were no openings. Ok, I'll see them next week. (I had already missed my other PT appointment this week, due to the storm)

With kid in tow, we went back to the opticians. He's been complaining that one of his new lenses for his glasses is blurry. Technician confirms that we have the exact RX, so next step is to return to the MD for a "glasses check." Great, but impossible to schedule, and we need to do so within 30 days of the original visit or we'll be charged and if deemed necessary, we would have to order the new lens (free of charge)within 30 days of picking the current one up. Can we see one of the partners? Again-an impossibility. The secretary was very helpful, and will have someone call me on mon to see if there will be an opening this upcoming Thurs (a day when I leave @ 6:20a.m. and return @ 7:30 p.m.)BUT as long as we provide written authorization, one of my older kids can take this kidlet. This afternoon put me in a bad mood, and I was getting hungry. I toyed with the idea of stopping at the fish and chip place, but pushed that thought away as I do not want to spend the money, we just had a take out treat! So, following Lenten tradition, it was meatless Friday: grilled Cheddar cheese on home made oatmeal bread, cream of tomato soup, using up the whole milk that one kidlet needs (and who will be away for the weekend)
I also offered up some freshly made tuna salad, which I ate on toasted Rye with organic baby lettuce greens. Perfect, on hand, and IN BUDGET.


Gill - That British Woman said...

these things are sent to try your patience, but you handled it well. Have a quiet restful and frugal weekend.

Lili said...

What a day you had! Sorry you had so many difficulties. But good of you, for thinking up a home-cooked dinner, instead of getting the take out. In the long run, your tummies still were filled, and you saved money for future goals.
Here's hoping your weekend goes much better than today!

Belinda said...

The roads here were good and dry by 10 a.m. when we went in to school, so I was glad about that. Your commute at -4 sounds cold. I am over the cold weather this winter and looking forward to warmer days.

Muffins and fruit were a nice addition to your yogurt & Banana. Your dinner sounds good too. Love grilled cheese, and tomato soup pairs well with it.

Frugal in France said...

I discovered toasted cheese sandwiches with slices of tomatoes inside when I lived in Canada. My daughter still asks for them; sometimes, the simplest things are the best. Have a lovely week-end !

Rachel said...

So sorry you had a rough day! Hope this weekend things go better for you!

CTMOM said...

Belinda, I should clarfiy that the little yogurt I had, even with the banana, would not have been enough for me. I have granola bars in my desk drawer and planned on grabbing one of those. Finding out that we had a Fri bfst was a welcomed surprise. We obstain from meat on Fridays during Lent, but in addition to the muffins, fruit, there was also OJ (already had mine at home), croissants, and 2 type of bacon/egg/cheese type bfst wraps. It was a nice spread.

CTMOM said...

Gill, Lili, Rachel
I am always tired on Fridays, which didn't help. A good night's sleep did the trick. Pleased with myself that I didn't cave and get the fish and chips.