Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday supper: our St Patrick's Day feast, early

 We always have a nice, Sunday supper,where a bigger piece of meat is center stage (normally). Today's offerings include 2, corned beef that I lucked out at Aldi's Wed special sale for $1.99/lb. I have over 6 lbs of meat, which is known to shrink considerably. I have also included "planned overs" as I intend to serve a corned beef hash this Tuesdsay, which will be the actual date of St Pats.
Cabbage, a kitchen staple here, is always a cheap choice. This time of year, however,it is a loss leader. I currently have THREE cabbages: pictured are this week's acquisitions, having paid approx 10 cents/lb for the smaller one (which is to be cooked today)at Aldi's and 17 cents/lb for the huge one, that I bought at Stop and Shop. I still have an older, cut open cabbage in the fridge. I had these 2 new ones out, as I was awaiting finding out if the GF eats boiled cabbage or not, as a means to determine which head of cabbage should be prepared today. Cabbage is also a great vegetable for long term storage, so no worries in that department.

Additionally, I am cooking all 5 lbs of the red potatoes, but only 9 carrots (usually it's one carrot/person but Mr Picky will actually EAT this vegetable, so extra are to be prepared). Vegtables are washed, carrots trimmed but I will need to cut the carrots into thirds and the cabbage into wedges before cooking them. It'll take about 3 hours to cook the corned beef, during which time I will add the vegetables to cook alongside, approx 2 1/2 hours into the cooking time. I still have to make an Irish soda bread to accompany. I used my Grandmother's circa 1950 GE roaster on a stand. Still works great.

 After cooking the 2 corned beef, I used the microwave as a warming oven
 Our serving platter
 My dinner plate

My Irish soda bread


Jenny A said...

I was glad Shop Rite had a coupon in their flier for $1.99/lb corned beef last and this week. I have one cooking for today and will pick another up tomorrow. Such an easy crock pot meal.

MW said...

Looks delicious!