Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday supper: herb crusted eye of the round

I defrosted one of the eye of the round roasts that I was able to get on sale recently for $3.49/lb. I use the simple recipe that was shared years ago by an AOL board member:

 I grabbed this Dijon at Aldi's, the steak seasoning was bought with a large price off cpn
I simply brush Dijon over the top of the roast that is in a roasting pan, sprinkle liberally with Steak seasoning-done! Doesn't look so appetizing before it's cooked, but trust me, it'll be awesome! Roast on high until med-rare. Let rest before slicing.

Sides will be oven baked potatoes with sour cream; canned corn, sauteed organic Swiss Chard seasoned with butter, salt, pepper, salt free garlic seasoning.

My supper plate.

Naturally, after cleaning up the dishes, I made this:

2 cups of free broth by scrapping the fond off of the roasting pan. About 1/2 of the roast was refrigerated for upcoming meals.


janie said...

Hi Carol,

Not sure if you have any Shaw's Grocery stores in Ct. This week they have roasts on sale for 2.99 Pound. Eye roast is one cut on sale.


Donna said...

I haven't seen a hunk of any sort of beef for less than $5/pound since I can't remember when.