Sunday, March 1, 2015

So what's been cooking?

I had posted this past Monday's Frugal Hot pot dish:
 Tuesday became creamed salmon over boiled potatoes, fzn organic peas on the side
 Wed, DD requested that we try the new to us veggie burgers that I got at Adli's
Very good, comparable to Dr Praeger's. I served these on buns I defrosted from the freezer, and some DT tater tots

Thursday was Crock Pot stuffed peppers (A ground beef, tomatoe, brown rice, Mozzarella cheese, onion filling)-sorry, no photo.

Friday night was take out Fish and Chips (see other post)

 I bought some Portugese rolls yesterday as well as the organic baby salad greens to complete our dinner

I quickly reheated last night's fried fish in the oven

Saturday night was Fish n chips round 2: fish sandwiches, onion rings.

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