Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shopping for groceries in alternative places

As Sandie at Saving money in New Haven county recently posted:


deals CAN be found on groceries in unexpected places. Medical appointments brought me to the city North of here, where I literally drive past a Walgreens, several times a week. I view this store as a pharmacy, health and beauty aides supplier but I have learned and taken advantage of the deals that they offer on groceries as well. I always check the Sunday paper as a result.  This week's great deal:

 3 cans (the max allowed) of wild caught, Alaskan salmon for $2.29/can!
While I recently had stocked up at Xpect on several staples, including this unfamiliar brand of AK salmon @ $2.59 (cheaper than Aldi's-or so I thought), it wasn't until I got home that I discovered that this salmon is only 14 oz. in weight, that's 3/4 of an oz less than a can of salmon usually contains. First it was shrinking tuna cans, now Salmon, too?


Gill - That British Woman said...

love making fish cakes with canned salmon.

Lili said...

Walgreen's is where I usually find the best price on eggs, several times per year, as well as canned olives, and soda pop in 2-litres. Their markdowns can be great deals, also, like the lunch meat I bought a couple of months ago, for 99 cents per family-sized package.

Our other local drug store chain, Bartell's, has the best prices on boxed tea and bagged "gourmet" coffee, much better than the supermarkets.

DW said...

Lili, I've always envied your luck at finding Walgreen's markdowns ;)
We've had some luck finding grocery bargains at Big Lots ... I also occasionally find pouches of salmon at Dollar Tree. We aren't much for salmon cakes, but the pouches are the right size for making a pasta dish.

Kelly Campbell said...

I was lucky this week, a local Italian "fruit" market from today thru next Tuesday is offering boneless skinless chicken thighs and/or tenders for $1.98/lb and drumsticks for $.86/lb.