Sunday, March 15, 2015

Product review: liquid dish washer gel from Dollar Tree

Like all other cleaning products that we are using up/down, this Power X crystal gel dishwasher detergent was finally used. I found that my dishwasher didn't work that well, it seems to prefer powder formulations-pehaps because we are on well water with a high mineral content. To use it up, and get decent performance, I found that by using 50-50 this gel with the Sun brand powder dishwasher detergent worked for me (Sun is also found at Dollar Tree) So, I will not be purchasing this again. I do have several boxes of Sun on hand, but also a larger bottle of another brand of gel dishwasher detergent. Hopefully, it'll work well. If not, I'll try the 50-50 blend that solved my dilema. After this, I will be sticking with Sun; it's cheap, it does the job.


CT Bargain Mom said...

I'm finding dollar tree stuff is hit or miss. Have only used their toilet cleaner. It works fine. I did try the new brand of tater tots last week. Not impressed at all - they were are yucky - not as crispy as we like. We have had good luck with the IGA tater tots.

Belinda said...

I have a bottle of Dollar Tree brand soft scrub I have been using to clean the bathroom. I won't be buying it again as it has separated and comes out in clumps no matter how hard I shake it up before I use it. It works OK, but I won't be buying it again.