Sunday, March 15, 2015

Planning ahead

 2, 25 count Italian sausage and ground chicken meatballs (used up the end bits of pieces of Romano and Parmesan cheese, as well as some stale crackers in the process) for the freezer. This weekend's reducted meat bargains allowed me to restock the freezer with meatballs, which we were out of.
 Fridge was gone through, pie stored in 4 Tupperware individual servers, to add to lunches this upcoming week. Sandwich filling at the ready (tuna salad), my lunch containers are ready for grabbing in the morning: the rest of the salad, the small bit of chilli, some mixed green/wax beans)
Dressings checked, we can go a few more days before I have to make more.


CT Bargain Mom said...

Do you provide/make lunches for the 3oldest & working kids too?

CTMOM said...

CTMOm-no, the older kids are on their own to make up their own lunches/dinners away from home. DD always totes food, DS and GF-not so much, just a coffee/water, perhaps a granola bar. Not a plan that i endorse. There is usually cold cuts, salad fillings (ch/turk/egg/tuna) on hand and always PB & J.