Thursday, March 19, 2015

Planning ahead: vegetarian Friday

All the kids are here this weekend, and I haven't been feeling that great for a day now, starting to become very fatigued, having trouble warming up, decreased appetite. I did go to work today, but left before an after work meeting, as I felt that crummy. I've already left sub plans, should I decide to call out in the morning. I hate taking sick time, it translates into more work, in the long run. Menu then for tomorrow has changed from what was originally planned: since I felt so lousy last night and 2 kids were home with me, I had DS go out and grab some pizza from the Greek pizzeria, and I paid for it. Buying pizza yesterday meant that we will NOT be ordering it again for tomorrow.

Altough I saw 16 (yes! I counted them!) Robins in the yard, which is a true sign of Spring, Mother Nature has different plans for CT:

Snow is in the forecast (again! sigh . .)so I definately won't be ordering out. I checked the pantry and pulled the above ingredients together: Friday will be vegetarian taco night, with the additon of chopped tomatoe, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, home made salsa, flour tortillas. Side will be corn. Done.
I am down to just fresh apples, a watermelon, grapefruit for fresh fruit selections, along with the now freckled banana (was to be part of today's bfst, but I had no appetite)that traveled with me to/from work. Needing/wanting to offer some fruit selections for the boys' lunches tomorrow, I also took out a jar of home made apple sauce to fill small Tupperware tubs for them. I figured also that it would be a paletable choice for me, should I end up staying home from work.

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